Casa Grande - Ayuntamiento

C/ Mayor
Telephone: +34 968 670 000

How to arrive


It is located near the church and was built in the 15th century, as Casa de la Tercia and grain store. Later, the Order of Saint John sold it to the Llamas family, who, in the 18th century began using it as residence; it was rebuilt in the 19th century, when a veranda was added to the main façade. Each one of the four faces of the façade is different, respecting only the symmetry of the hollows. The building, recently restored as Town Hall, is highlighted by its pretty eaves and its forged windows. The opening times and its rooms are looked after by the management of the villa. Through an artificial bridge with large glass panels it joins to other official rooms in a modern building, which is located just next to the Casa Grande.

How to Arrive?

In Archena

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