Casa del Corregidor

C/ Corregidor, 1
30800 LORCA
Telephone: +34 968 466 003

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From the old house of the Corregidor, which was concluded in 1750, only a small lodge remains, supported by three pillars on whose spandrels appear in bas-relief masks and symbols of the city (sword and key).

Of much greater interest is the sculptural group formed by two cyclopedal figures supported by maces and which hold the figure of a sun, together with the royal and city coats of arms; the superb corner, seen in profile, reminds us of the prow of a ship with a mask. Amongst the well carved rocks there are several inscriptions alluding to the characters already mentioned, Elio and Crota. The whole sculptural group has been attributed to the lorquian carver Juan de Uzeta who would finish it in 1750.


It is worth contemplating the old facade and the relief of Elio and Crota, as well as, the Plaza del Caño where this building is located.


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