An explosion of colour!

The Region of Murcia in bloom is a natural spectacle determined by the logic of chaos and beauty. The world¿s best climate and the work of the rural population combine to turn these landscapes into a kind of terrestrial rainbow as stunning as it is ephemeral.

To not miss anything, here we give you some helpful tips to help you enjoy the full range of possibilities when the Region of Murcia is in bloom.

The almond tree

From the end of January to the beginning of March almond trees blossom throughout the Region of Murcia. The Northwest, along with the area of Sierra Espuña, are the ideal places to take them in, with the municipality of Mula boasting many hectares of almond trees.

Lotus creticus

A yellow flower that adorns the dunes of the Arenales y Salinas de San Pedro Regional Park, a genuine spectacle to enjoy at the end of January.

Judas Tree

The Judas Tree flowers around the month of March, but it does not last for long: just 15 days during which the Vía Verde del Noroeste (Northwest Greenway) is tinted with pink flowers.

Peach Tree

A veritable delight for the eyes, during the month of March peach blossoms turn Cieza into the Region of Murcia¿s most colourful corner.


In the month of July lavender blooms around Moratalla, painting part of the Region of Murcia lilac.


Orchids are not exclusive to exotic countries. They also bloom during the month of April in the Regional Park of Sierra Espuña. A spectacle worth seeing.

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