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Nature endowed Cartagena with a privileged port that is the origin and engine of city life, since its foundation in the 3th century B.C. and that has been the place of passage of numerous civilizations and scenario of important historical moments. The designation of the city in the 18th century as the headquarters of the Maritime Department of the Mediterranean meant the creation of the naval base and the Arsenal, as well as all the necessary infrastructure for its logistics and defense, among which the coastal batteries that protected the bay entrance, walls and castles that defended the naval base and the city from the heights of the outer mountains. Throughout its history, the port has been adapting to the needs of each moment and today, after the last remodeling of the late twentieth century, it has three docks: - The military, where the Arsenal is located with the naval base and the naval construction. - The commercial one, divides in three zones of activity: in the wharf of San Pedro the commercial traffic is located; the fishing activity is concentrated on the Santa Lucía dock; and the Alfonso XII pier dedicated to sports and leisure activities where the cruise ship dock is located, where large numbers of ships and floating resorts make their visit scales to the city. - Industrial activity, with its large petrochemical complex, is located in the Escombreras Dock. In addition to enjoying the port of Cartagena walking through the esplanade where the monumental sculpture of "El Zulo" is placed in homage to the Victims of Terrorism; The Old Regatta Club and the "Whale Tail" in the Old Boat Dock, you can also take a nice walk along the Blue Path that joins the Royal Regatta Club with the beautiful Cala Cortina Beach just 5 km away, enjoying on the way of all the activity of the fishing port, the views from the dock of the Curra lighthouse and the architecture of the front of the east coastal batteries.



Since Roman times


Marina, military and commercial port

How to Arrive?

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