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Cabo de Palos

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The Region of Murcia is dotted with small palm groves of great scenic and cultural interest. We can find autochthonous palm groves, in the form of homogeneous masses of palm trees, such as the one in Cabo de Palos, an emblematic place that has recently been recovered and enhanced.

The species of palm trees that adorn this park are very rustic and resistant to all types of soils as long as it has humidity and the proximity of the sea. The date palm or royal palm (Phoenix dactylifera), is a fruit palm whose fruit is the date, native to North Africa and western Asia.

The Palm Grove of Cabo de Palos is the largest and best preserved in the area. Like any tree mass, it has an obvious ecological and landscape value, but in this case, the palm grove provides shelter for a large number of stable poultry species and food and a safe resting place for migratory birds such as the Mediterranean paiño

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