Paseo Alfonso XII, 52

How to arrive


The creation of the fish market building, made the fishing port the reference for many of the fisheries of the Region of Murcia.

It is known that in the 40s the fish auction was made from a balcony of the City Hall building overlooking Calle Carnicerías.

In 1955, after several changes, a move was made to the Santa Lucía Yacht Club area, on the shores of Puerto Piojo. The building was designed by the engineer Francisco Ayuso Ayuso, who was director of the Board of Works of the Port.

From the current market, in the early morning of Good Friday, the marrajo float of 'El Jesús Nazareno' comes out.

This building, where takes place the daily auction of the fish brought to port by the fleet moored in Cartagena, is also the seat of the Fishermen Association. It is located in the fishing port of Santa Lucía. This building is brimming with seafaring tradition. It preserves the classic layout of this type of places, with a large room where the fish is put on display to be sold later.




Due to the new health situation visits are canceled.

How to Arrive?

In Cartagena

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