Ntra. Sra. del Rosario de Torre Pacheco Church

Plaza de la Iglesia s/n
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This building of worship is dedicated to the Virgin of the Rosary (Señora del Rosario), patron saint of Torre Pacheco, whose feast day is celebrated on October 7th. It is a popular invocation, and some municipalities coincide because in The Battle of Lepanto, the Spanish soldiers won against the Ottoman Empire thanks to praying the rosary becoming " The Lady of Victories" and becoming popular.
The old temple was demolished in 1971. Later the current church was built with a polygonal floor plan, unusual for religious temples in the area.
The altarpiece called "The Creation", by Jesuit priest Javier Zurbano, executed with the parishioners is particularly noteworthy. It consists of a mosaic made from stone cubes from El Cabezo Gordo bathed in colour. It has this name because it contains all the elements of creation:
Trees and vegetal elements (on the right)
Sea and fishes (bottom)
The family or humanity represented by St. Joseph, the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus (left) 
The stars: This part is curious because the Holy Spirit is not represented by a dove but by a rocket. The same way that a moon surprises us with a footprint on it. It is a reference to the arrival of man on the moon, an event that took place in 1969, coinciding with the construction of the new church. The sun also appears, symbolising the sacred form.
The most outstanding sculptures are the crucified Christ and the Virgin of the Rosary, the latter being the work of José Sánchez Lozano, the greatest representative of the 20th century of the imaginary current based on the style created by Salzillo.
The church also houses a wooden sculpture of the Virgin of Carmen, patron saint of the sea, and a small Virgin of the Swan, which is a highly venerated invocation in Ecuador.





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