Menina Minotaurina Sculpture

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Sculpture by Pepe Yagües, made in 2005.

The owner of the San Cayetano service station, Gregorio García Madrid, has created the “Island of the Arts”, a corner where various works of art are on display, including the “Minotaurine Menine”.

This work by the sculptor Pepe Yagües is a version of the myth of Danae, who was locked up in a tower by her father and fertilised by Zeus. The tower was an “infant guard” a name that is also given to the skirts of the Meninas (court ladies).

In the sculpture, the Infanta Danae has been replaced by the Infante Minotaur. This man with the head of a bull is a constant feature of Yagües’ work. The theme used by this artist arises from the great myths generated throughout history: the Minotaur, the Trojan horse, Greek sculpture, etc. The materials used in his work are usually of a great diversity: wood, aluminium, acrylic, iron, paper, graphite, among others.


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In Torre Pacheco

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