Don Amalio Fernández Delgado Square

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Plaza Don Amalio Fernández Delgado

How to arrive


It was inaugurated on October 6th, 1967 and is dedicated to Doctor Amalio Fernández Delgado, although it is better known as "Parque de los Patos". Don Amalio, known as "the children's doctor", spent his summers in Torre Pacheco in La Finca de la Peña, situated at the crossroads of Los Meroños school. He was a very kind person due to his proximity to the school and he used to cure sick children from families without resources without asking for financial compensation.


The square is decorated with a stone and bronze monument of great human expression where the hands of Don Amalio appear caressing the heads of three children.


In the past, this place was home to a food market and there were ducks (patos) in the fountain, hence its name. Today it is a modern playground with the fountain preserved.

How to Arrive?

In Torre Pacheco

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