Las Salinas Water Supply Entrance (Pim-Pam)

Playa de la Pava (entrada por calle Ecuador)
Telephone: +34 968 59 44 26 / Fax: +34 968 15 31 21

How to arrive


In Puerto de Mazarrón there is an old salt tradition which solidified in the 20th century, when it was capable of high industrial production.

Previously, we know it was operated by small owners, and the geological and topographical characteristics lead us to believe it was already in use during Roman times.

Marine salt is obtained by salt precipitation after sea water evaporation. In order to do this, the water is let evaporate in shallow pools, generally separated by soil scales or rock walls. The annual work cycle required distinct seasonal work. The salt mine was rebuilt and remained functioning in spring for summer harvest. In autumn it was opened for draining, which harmed separation ditches and walls, to be repaired again in spring. 

The entrance to the water supply is one of the last vestiges remaining of this significant economic activity in Puerto de Mazarrón. The entrance of water through the canal would have been associated with pumps made in that period with a sound that led it to be known as “PIM-PAM”.


Located on the Playa de La Pava.

How to Arrive?

In Mazarrón

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