Drum, silence and cornets, hoods, sweets and the typical scent of flowers and incense transform the streets of our Region. This how Holy Week breaks the everyday routine and replaces it with Passion... Or rather, passions.

In fact, one of the things that most strikes visitors is that the Easter experience is completely different in each city and village of Murcia.

Awarded of International Tourist Interest

Admiring the Salzillo sculptures in Murcia, the processions in Cartagena and the passionate Biblical, parades in Lorca are luxuries that are now at your fingertips, and all in a cosier setting than ever before!

What's more, this year Holy Week in Jumilla, which has more than six centuries of history, is celebrating its International Touristic Interest status for the first time. Come and find out why!

Join in this festival that brings together religion, art, history and gastronomy, and you'll understand why they say that paradise is a not a place but state of mind.

Main Procession Schedules

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