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The Trinitarian-Berbers festivities began in 1996 on the initiative of Mr. José Miguel Rodríguez, a historian and researcher in Torre Pacheco. The events recall the feared Berber incursions that attacked the coasts of the Mar Menor and the Campo de Cartagena during the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries and made the settlement of this area difficult. These attacks created the need to erect watchtowers that could serve as a refuge, one of them in Torre Pacheco.

Originally, the acts of Trinitarians and Berbers were part of the Torre Pacheco patron saint's celebrations, which are held in October in honour of the Virgen del Rosario. However, in 2004, due to the success of the festivities in terms of participation and audience, the organisers decided to give them their own personality and move them to the first weekend of June, the date on which the anniversary of the death of the town's founder, Dean Luis Pacheco, and the feast of the Holy Trinity are commemorated, in order to give these festivities their own identity.

There are two sides:

  • Trinitarian side: it represents the first settlers of these lands, and in particular the Pacheco family, related to the religious members of the Trinitarian Order who from the 15th to the 19th century were present in Torre Pacheco and whose work was the struggle for the freedom of prisoners and the redemption of captives. The Trinitarian monks in Torre Pacheco came to own the largest estate that the order administered in the Kingdom of Murcia.  Composed of: Friars, farmers from Hoya Morena, King's Soldiers, Musketeers, Orphans and Peddlers.
  • Berber side: Barbarossa and his court, captives, houries, Amed el Mansou, Morato Arráez, Cachidiablo, etc. who frightened the population with their incursions into the Mar Menor region. 

Antonio Roca and Rafa Ibáñez composed the first musical march of these festivities: "Under the Tower", considered the Hymn of the Trinitarians. Later, Antonio Roca himself composed the Berber March named: "Horuc".

During the festivities, hundreds of inhabitants of Torre Pacheco give life to soldiers, friars, peasants, pirates, troubadours and characters of the time, recreating the medieval past of the town, both in the parades and battles and in the many events included in the programme of festivities.

The activities are set with a Medieval Market, highlighting the Grand Berber Trinitary Act and the Grand Parade. In addition, you will be able to taste the gastronomy of Pacheco by doing "The Trinitarian-Berber Tapas Route". As well as this, there are concerts, shows, tastings, queimadas, cultural events, visits, conferences and exhibitions.

Source: http://trinitariosyberberiscos.com/historia-de-trinitarios-y-berberiscos-de-torre-pacheco/ (Mr. José Miguel Rodríguez Buendía).


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