Ruta del Vino de Bullas

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Wine Route Bullas

In Bullas, wine is the ultimate expression of a town devoted to tending vines since its very origins, both defining it and filling it with pride. A traditional craft that has matured over time, lovingly nurtured by its people in the hope of a rich reward: full-bodied wines abounding in character that linger not only on the palate but also in the memory.

If the district of Bullas is known for something, it is for its wine-growing tradition. A stroll along its streets full of history or a chat with the local people will reveal how the town has been linked to the delicious fruit of the vine since the remotest of times. Ruta del Vino de Bullas
Avenida de Murcia, 75
Teléfono: +34 968 657 211

Wine Route Bullas
Avenida de Murcia, 75
+34 968 657 211

Tourist Offices
Avenida de Murcia, 75
968 652 244


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