Playa de la Higuerica

Bandera Azul

EL COCÓN (Águilas)


This beach is located in a natural setting, five kilometres within the famous Cuatro Calas (Four Coves). Like the other coves, this beach has a significant area covered by golden sand that gently leads into crystal-clear waters. Facing east, it is sheltered from the west wind and slightly less protected from the southwest wind. There is a sharp-edged, small rocky island, which fishers call "La Cama de los Novios" (The Bride and the Groom's bed), located opposite this beach.


Protected Area: Yes
Tipo de Zona Protegida: Paisaje Protegido

Length: 200 m
Average width: 47 m
Sea: Mediterranean Sea
Sand: Fine grey sand
Influx of visitors: High
Parking conditions: In a reserved area
How to get there:

Road Carretera de Vera, km 5. The shore is directly connected to the main road by an unpaved road, and the beachfront is accessible through a natural pathway. Easily accessible by road.

Servicios y actividades
Beach bars, disabled car parking, equipped toilets, first aid and assistance, litter bins, toilets, walkway until arriving at wet sand. .
24-hour emergency phone number: 112

How to Arrive?

In Águilas

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