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If you start walking along the region's pathways, you won't feel like stopping at all. Discover the Region of Murcia step by step or by rolling along. If you enjoy breathing fresh air and being surrounded by nature, this is your place.
The Murcia Region offers endless possibilities for hikers. You can walk for hours along the old miners' and fishermen's paths bordering the coast, between Cabo de Palos and Portmán, Cartagena and the Bay of Mazarrón or in the Natural park of Calnegre and Cabo Cope, never losing sight of the vast blue expanse of the Mediterranean.

Inland, Sierra Espuña and the Pila and Lavia mountain ranges provide interesting routes and sufficiently dense pine forests as to protect you from the summer heat. In Espuña we recommend the climb up the Morrón de Alhama and the Fuente del Hilo, the route from Aledo to the Collado de Bermejo, and the path across the Leyva valley. However, the largest and most interesting natural park area must surely be the Moratalla mountains, with their abundant vegetation and the added extra of having one of the Region's few permanently flowing rivers: the River Alhárabe. To visit this the "lung" of the Region, one of the routes to follow is up the valley from the Puerta to the district of La Risca. Another is the climb to the summit of Revolcadores (2,021 m), the highest point in the Region, from Cañada de la Cruz; or the Villafuerte (1,750 m), from Calar de la Santa; or the Buitre (1,428 m), from Moratalla. Another walking option is along the long-distance route G.R.7, which runs through the north of the Region. It enters the Murcia Region from Pinoso (Alicante Province) and crosses the vineyard-covered flatlands of Jumilla into the municipality of Calasparra, and from there to the mountains of Moratalla. After crossing the Calar de la Santa and rambla de la Rogativa the path enters the Province of Granada at Puebla de Don Fadrique.

Near Murcia capital the natural park of El Valle and Carrascoy offers walkers a whole host of footpaths.
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